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Budgeting properly will set you up for success from the start of your project. See below the list of items that should be considered when building a budget for your driveway, patio, or outdoor living project. 

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Things to Consider


Always budget an additional 5-8% for suprises or issues that you may run into during your project. This may include broken sprinkler lines, extensions of contracts due to delays, or destruction of current landscaping. If your project ends well and you don't spend the overage on the project, splurge a little and buy something you've always wanted for your outdoor living area.


If you're planning an outdoor patio, make sure to include the cost of new furniture in your budget. Umbrellas, patio sets, and outdoor furniture can get expensive. Once you have your new outdoor living area designed with beautiful hardscapes, you will want it furnished to fully enjoy it. 


Renovating your driveway, patio, or pool deck will most likely require a permit. Ensure you speak to your contractor to see if the permit cost is included in your contract. Alternatively, contact your local municipality to see how much the permit charge is and include it in your planning. 


Make sure that a contractor measures your new outdoor living space or driveway properly and includes an overage of 10% on materials to ensure that you will not have to have unexpected expenditures. 


Landscape lighting will make your design pop. Make sure to include this into your project budget so you can make your design shine. 

Prepare for your budget to change

No project ever stays exactly on budget. Homeowners that expect that a budget will change always feel better about the final result of their completed project. 

Payment Options

Garden State Porcelain has partnered with Hearth to offer low monthly payment options for your project. Use our payment calculator to see your options.

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